10 ideas for an instant bedroom makeover in 2020

10 ideas for an instant bedroom makeover in 2020

When it’s time to give your bedroom a makeover, it can be a little difficult because we know you want it to be perfect.

Getting a look that transforms your space into a stylish haven can be a little overwhelming, but we are here to say we can make it easy with inspirational decoration ideas that motivate you to take the first step. Get ready to decorate your room in style with attention to detail, interesting concept designs, and modern bedroom design ideas.

From fancy duvets, luxurious bedsheets to curtains, our list addresses an easy way to transform your beautiful abode with simple style statements that stand apart. Let’s dive into improving your bedroom aesthetic and taking a notch higher. We bring you 10 incredible bedroom decor ideas to turn your bedroom into a stylish haven of tranquility.


1) Wall to Wall Designs

Bold Floral prints works well to provide a calming look compared to the simple floral prints. Consider designing your walls into bold patterned wall design against neutrals and basics. Often times, the best bedroom designs tend to have bold colors and exquisite style.

You can also go for geometric pattern designs and use it with a neutral color for a refined appearance that brings serenity. You can go for blue, green and similar stylish hues that bring calmness in earthy sophisticated shades.


2) Bold colors bedroom for arresting look

bedding set Pizuna Linens

Get stunning bedding set that spells style by picking up a bold color template with solid colors. Make it the focal area and build a strong theme around the bedding set. You can complement the solid color of your bedding set by painting your room in a darker hue. Imagine green walls and pristine white sheet which is both glowing and welcoming.

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3) Luxuriant linens and soft fabrics

soft linen sheets

The most important part of your bedroom is the bed, and the bedsheets. The first step for comfortable bedding set is soft linens and fabrics that provide ultimate relaxation. For the bed bedding experience, get luxury linens and consider splurging a little and invest more than usual because linens and fabrics are integral for a cozy sleepy restful experience. They are soft and feel good to your skin so once you sleep on the bed, you are transported to the dreamland, almost instantly.

While inspiration can go a long way, a bedroom remains incomplete without soft cotton sheet linens that feels fabulous in your skin.

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4) Trendy Wood cabinets

Trendy Wood cabinets

Wooden cabinet provides warmth and distinct old-world charm that brings remarkable coziness with its presence in your bedroom. Consider getting a wooden-cabinet for a distinguished appeal. You can turn an antiquated wooden cabinet trendy by painting them in bright colors like green and yellow for a refreshing new look.


5) Add metal decorating items

metal bed design

Metal can be easily adapted to build art that is rustic, charming and stylish for your bedrooms. If you are thinking of adding luster and edginess, metal design is way to go. While there remains no competition to the wooden furniture, using metal items can improve the look and feel of your bedroom making it instantly sleek and trendy.

Opting for metal bed can give you a distinguished appeal and blends beautifully with the surrounding. You will be spoilt for choice as metal decorations are highly adaptive and can choose from the variety of shapes, sizes and finishes to coordinate with your bedroom decor.

Metal Chairs

Take for example metal with metal chairs, will look more aesthetically pleasing and beautiful against your bedroom in a corner. Also, their long life and durability with an emphasis on spaciousness will change the entire look and feel of your bedroom. Metal hardware also has a knack to provide a regal appeal. You can use metal to design photo frames in silver and gold colors or you can use them for a metal coffee table.

Using metal in your rooms gives you a discerning look of royalty while making your space pop out giving a feel of an expansive room. Want some more ideas? Get more inspirations and ideas on using metal decorations here.


6) Statement floorings with geometric patterns

Geometric patterns flooring tiles

Image reference Trendir.com

Flooring tiles gives an unmistaken quality of grace and style while providing an appearance of making your room appear bigger. It also provides a beautiful look of clutter-free rooms and enhances spaciousness. You can go for a trendy appeal that brings out the adventure in you.

7) Window Covers & Draperies

Window Covers

Invite luxurious décor with window covers and stylish draperies that block daylight for extra-long sleeping weekends. You can use them as functional or for decorative purposes, it is entirely your choice. Strike a balance between the two with choicest offerings like classic curtains, laidback shutters, flowing draperies or modern coverings.

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8) Roomy storage

Style and functionality go hand in hand which is why a bedroom with storage capacity is a smart option. Get the best of your space and stock your bedding set necessities in a roomy storage. Opt for a bed with storage so you can always keep an extra pair of cotton pillowcases, sheets.

Roomy storage


9) Private Nook and Cozy Corner

It could be a small decorative table with a comfortable chair so you can catch up on reading, and take a moment for you in your hectic lifestyle. It looks great and is an essential part of every bedroom décor.

bedroom décor

You can also go for hanging lamps, and make a chic statement with it while saving space for night lamp beside your nightstand.


10) Pretty Pillows brings personality

decorating beds with pillows

Have fun with bright colored pillows or muted ones based on your whims and fancy. Before you decide to buy a cotton pillow, first you have to decide on the accurate size for the pillow along with density and the size of the bed. Buy a cover for every pillow or cushion so that you can keep them protected for a long time. Or you can simply opt for the classical crispy white cotton pillowcases that pops out beautifully. With so many colors to choose from, decorating beds with pillows, is one of the most fun activities.

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simple bedroom interior design

These 10 ideas will change your bedroom giving you a chic stylish transformation you were waiting for with a welcoming simplicity. Start slow, and you will be able to enjoy this simple bedroom interior design experience and even make it memorable. While you are here, then do not forget the heart of the bedroom is peace and rest. Your bed is a very important part of your bedroom with cozy bedsheets that wraps you up keeping you warm and fresh. That’s why it’s important to choose only the best. If you have read till the end, then we urge you to explore Pizuna Linens. We are looking to delight you always.

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