How to best wash your sheets

How to best wash your sheets

An average human spends almost a third of his or her time sleeping. In the 56 hours that we spend on our beds in a week, we leave behind dead skin cells, sweat, and body odour and body oil. Now that sounds a little yucky . So what’s the best way to clean all the residual elements and also keep the sheets from looking old and desolate? Let’s skim through a few simple instructions that will not only clean your sheets thoroughly but also keep them crisp and fresh as ever.

An ideal way to keep your sheets clean is to wash them at least once a week. This simple act keeps your sheets clean and fresh and looks inviting too.

Now that we have reached a consensus on the number of times to wash the sheets, we now need to figure the ‘how’ of washing the sheets. Cotton fabrics have a tendency to wrinkle. To lower the wrinkled look, wash in gentle cycle and tumble dry low. Do not keep the load in for long after the cycle is over in the washer and the dryer. Doing this effectively reduces the wrinkles. Try line drying, as this too reduces wrinkling. The sheets should not be wrapped around the agitator, doing this will result in tearing and wrinkling.

Wash the sheets separately to keep them from pilling. If at all you need to wash them with other clothes, please make sure that they are lightweight and similar in color.

At Pizuna, we use premium, revolutionary colorfast dyes that are engineered for reduced fading. If you have colored sheets, then you can use color safe bleach. For whites, you can use any bleach. For darker sheets, use cool water for washing and rinsing as this will keep the color intact. Do not pour the detergent and softener directly onto the bed linens, instead add it to the water and let the water cascade over the sheets.

Do remember to iron the sheets, covers, pillowcases and other bed linen after every wash. This takes away the wrinkles and adds a crisp look.

An important aspect that one tends to overlook is the temperature for washing the sheets. We recommend washing your bed linens at 40° C as it is ideal for optimal softness and life.

Follow these simple set of instructions and keep your bed linen looking clean, vibrant and fresh.