Bedroom Décor Ideas – How to Decorate your Bedroom with Damask Bed Linens

Bedroom Décor Ideas – How to Decorate your Bedroom with Damask Bed Linens

We’re delighted to introduce new set of bed linens for you – Dobby Dots Design!

Our latest range brings an exquisite design in a detailed delicate form. The classic design is made from a distinguished weaving pattern that gives you a look to behold. Come along and browse through our range in Dobby Dots Design available now on our website.

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These are the handpicked best décor ideas that can uplift your bedroom instantly. Take a look at the bright inspiration against quaint interiors as we also provide you best bedroom décor ideas to go with your new purchase.

Dobby Dots White Bed sheets

dobby dots white bed sheets

With the launch of our new Dobby Dots Collection, we promise to wow with pure peaceful White in subtle design that is both timeless and modern.

dobby dots bedding collection

Weaved to perfection and made with 100% pure cotton in 600 thread count, the Dobby Dots design exudes style and comfort, while the subtle pattern leaves an everlasting mark. The deeply intricate dot design lends a distinct sophistication and style. The soft cotton bed linen keeps you cool, calm and cosy throughout the night thanks to enhanced moisture absorbency and the temperature balancing properties.

Let’s find how you can play around with your bedroom décor using White dobby dots bed linens in your bedroom.

Cosy Chair

cosy chair

A cosy chair is a prerequisite for any bedroom but when you buy Damask Bedlinens in White, the regal aura of the bed linens can be complemented with a chair that is fit for royalty. Invest in a lounge chair in bright colors for show stopping look that inspires your bedroom décor. Or you can opt for an elegant yet functional choice that remains a perfect for your nightly reading routine.

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Green to Spruce up your Corner

Green to Spruce up your Corner

When you put plants in the White corner it promptly gives you a refreshing appeal because White radiates an ideal medley of style, sophistication and versatility. White is a classic for a reason because it goes amazingly well with hues of all kinds; be it pastels or earthy shades.

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Color your Corner

Color your Corner

The best bedroom décor ideas are usually simple. For example, playing with contrasting hues. The White backdrop with White bed linens can give you opportunities to have fun with color; from painting one of your walls into bright hue to adding flowers of every color, your bedroom interior will look joyful when you contrast your corner with the palatial shade of White. Go and have fun with colors – from quirky vivid chairs to colourful flower pots to any statement sculpture you desire. The end result will be a bedroom with a welcoming charm.

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Mirrors for minimalism

Mirrors for minimalism

Mirrors give you a spacious feel and when you combine them with White bed linens you get a beautiful otherworldly charm. The combination of White and mirrors is a scintillating one as you not only give an impression of large space but also bring an ethereal quality in your bedroom with a focus on bedding set which remains hard to miss. It is the simplest way to give your bedroom makeover. A simple bedroom interior design speaks volumes because when you invite simplicity you invite comfort and coziness.

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Statement Art

statement art

An art that captures your heart becomes an essential for a bedroom. Your bedroom with a statement art along with Damask Designs can play a superb combination of joy and relaxation. Your statement art can be wall decorations for your bedroom, or color, take your pick from existing best bedroom décor ideas.

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Colorful Cushion Covers


Red cushions bring Damask Bed Linens as White highlights the interiors with élan. Keep them on the bed or on the nearby comfy chair, the welcoming bedroom will look ravishing and at its best. A little bit of color can give you that bold statement effortlessly.

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