The Quest To Find Best Winter Bed Sheets

The Quest To Find Best Winter Bed Sheets

With the mercury dropping, pavement getting icy and the wind chillier than ever. Sliding into fresh, cozy, and warm bed linens at night is the ultimate satisfaction the human soul can relish. We know you are looking for thick bedsheets to snuggle up cozily on these cold winter nights. People often end up tossing and turning in their beds with sheets that make you sweat a lot because they are too hot. These sheets that claim to keep you warm are made with artificially resourced material that is harsh on the skin, especially for individuals with skin sensitivities. You want sheets that will provide you with excellent insulation during the night while absorbing sweat to regulate the body temperature. The online and retail stores are stacked up with synthetic bed linens. Amongst the naturally sourced materials cotton is the best fabric for winter bedding and here’s why.


Always choose thick cotton bedsheets


Cotton is the go-to material for many industries, especially textile. You will find it in everyday items like clothing, homeware, kitchen essentials, medical supplies, and much more. Bedsheet made from cotton are perfect for winter because it has excellent temperature-balancing properties required to regulate temperature while you sleep. The performance, durability, quality, and affordability of cotton are top-notch compared to other fabrics. There are many varieties of premium cotton such as Egyptian, Pima, Upland, and Long Staple. With cotton offering undeniable qualities that are beneficial, the bedding industry also uses it for making different products. These are the reason why cotton is considered the best fabric for sheets.

  • Lightweight – The sheets made from cotton are lightweight for making you feel relaxed. They are gentle on the skin and let your skin breathe naturally for a goodnight’s sleep.
  • Sweat-absorbent – Even if you sweat a lot while sleeping cotton can wick away moisture keeping you comfortable all night long. Your body is at the right temperature with cotton fabric.
  • Hypoallergenic – Cheap quality sheets made from artificial materials are harsh on the skin and will leave you with itchy skin and sleepless nights. Whereas, cotton is skin-friendly as it is derived from natural fibers.
  • Softness – There are barely a few fabrics that come close to the softness of cotton. It is fluffy, soft, and gentle on the skin, perfect for a goodnight’s sleep.

These four qualities of cotton are essential for making bed sheets to keep you comfortable while sleeping. However, be careful with buying sheets that are a blend of cotton. The new fabrics are usually mixed-up cotton for breathability and softness.

The thread count emphasizes different qualities of cotton. Bed sheets are generally considered good between a thread count of 400 to 1000. However, for frosty nights you will need higher thread count sheets to keep you warm.


Best thread count for sheets to keep you warm

family sleeping on white bedding 

A good thread count for sheets is anywhere between 400 to 1000, the higher the thread count the better the quality and durability. A 400 thread count sheet is premium and lightweight as opposed to a 1000 thread count sheet that will be opulent and thick. But what exactly does thread count mean? Thread Count is determined by the number of threads woven horizontally and vertically per square inch of the fabric. You can learn more about thread count and its benefits here.

High-quality cotton like extra long staple has fine yarns which means more yarns fit into per square inch. Some manufactures inflate the thread counts by counting two ply yarns instead of one which results in low-quality, coarse bed linens.

The best thread count for bed sheets during the winter is 800 and 100.

Thick cotton bedsheets are the best for winter since they have excellent temperature-balancing properties, you neither feel too hot nor too cold while sleeping. We will recommend you some bedsheets your skin will absolutely love in the frosty season.


Pizuna’s 1000 Thread Count Fitted Sheet

Straight from the boll of premium-quality cotton, these sheets are thick to keep you warm during the night. Moreover, the luxurious sateen weave creates a smooth texture and luxurious finish that is gentle on the skin.


Pizuna’s 800 Thread Count Pillowcases

800 thread count pillow cases red

Giving your sleeping space a 5star hotel-quality appeal, these sheets ensure you stay warm in the freezing cold of the night. If you like customize your bedroom with different colours for your many moods.

Although the thick bedsheets keep you warm during the night. A good thread count for sheets during all-seasons is 600 and 800. These sheets are highly-breathable and let your skin breathe naturally.


Pizuna’s 600 Thread Count Duvet Cover Set

600 thread count cotton duvet cover

Crafted in sateen weave, these sheets are one of the best that strike the right balance between thick and lightweight.


Pizuna’s 400 Thread Count Sheet Set

If you are hot sleeper and need the sheets that are not too hot, this is the best pick. Lightweight and gentle on the skin, you sleep peacefully.

luxury cotton sheet

Cotton is the gold standard amongst bedsheets and remains so because of its natural fibers and innate qualities. It is a fabric that is safe for the skin and perfect for all-weather conditions. You can trust cotton bedsheets for delightful slumber during the winter nights because of the temperature-regulation, breathability, insulation, and gentleness.