Top 5 Best Selling Colors from Pizuna Linens

Top 5 Best Selling Colors from Pizuna Linens

Zeroing down on bestselling products can be quite a task, phew... more so, when each creation is unique and classy! This is exactly why we left the decision to our customers in choosing the top 5 bestselling colors. Based totally on customer purchases and likes, the following five colors have ruled the roost.

      1. White - The pristine beauty of white adds an ethereal charm to your bedroom décor in an effortless fashion. A little difficult to maintain, this color nonetheless wins hands down. The ability of white to merge in a seamless manner with any color is yet another positive trait. A big time favorite with designers, white has a tendency to give the room a feeling of more space.

        white bed sheets
      2. Sage – This grey-green color has a tranquil effect on the senses, hence, it’s no wonder that it has come a close second on our list. The versatility of this shade makes it a great match with other hues. The neutral color complements almost every shade, be it nudes, whites, pastels, or the earthy and vibrant hues.

        Sage Bed Sheets
      3. Light Blue – The soft and serene shade of light blue has an immediate calming effect on the senses. Besides giving the space a tranquil look, it also adds a dash of happy and vibrant feel. Light blue as a color offers the best of both the worlds – the color adds character to the bedroom and envelopes your senses with its soft radiance.

        light blue bed sheets
      4. Ivory – Ivory is yet another neutral shade that has the power to transform a bedroom into a cozy and personal haven. It blends well with almost any design and colors without causing an annoying eyesore. Ivory exudes radiance, elegance and soothes the jangled nerves after a long day’s work.

        ivory bed sheets

      5. Beige – Decorating your sleeping space with beige acts as a soothing balm to your senses. It is quite hard to go wrong with beige as the chosen color. This unobtrusive and yet earthy shade plays a perfect role in adding a soft touch to more vibrant colors or accentuating the cheery aspect of happy pastels to highlighting the serene nudes.

        beige bed sheets

Your bedroom is a sacrosanct space wherein your body, mind and soul rejuvenate. It is the spot that should indulge your senses and pamper you to the core. With these top selling colors from our exhaustive range, we are sure that you can create your own soothing sleeping environment.