Pillow Cases

Pillow Cases

Our pillow cases are your best buddy at night. They not only protect the pillows from soiling but also enhance their beauty and comfort. The 100% Long Staple Indian Cotton is woven using the Special Single Dent Weaving making the pillow cases as luxurious as they come.

  1. Pizuna 600 Thread Count Damask Pillowcases-2pc
    As low as $25.75

    Plush and soft, the 600 Thread Count Damask Pillowcases are tailored to perfection. Experience the comfort and feel of 5-star hotel quality luxurious bed linens. Crafted with premium 100% Long Staple Cotton and Single Ply Yarns for breathability and gentle feel to the skin.

    • Set of 2 Pillow cases
    • Soft and gentle feel
    • Sweat-wicking and breathable
    • 100% Long Staple Cotton
    • Available in wide range of trendy colour
    • Sizes available: King, Standard, 48cm x 74cm
  2. Pizuna Luxury Cotton Pillow Cases 800 Thread Count
    As low as $28.45

    800 Thread Count Cotton Luxury Pillow cases are smooth and Crisp, These Thick Premium Cotton Pillowcase Set are substantial and high quality pillow case.

    • Set of 2 Pillow case.
    • A Rejuvenating Medium Weight Pillow Case.
    • Available in 10 trendy color.
    • Sizes available: King, Standard, 48cm x 74cm
    • Starting Range : 17.99£
  3. Pizuna Royale 1000 Thread Count Cotton Pillow Cases-2pc
    As low as $33.35

    1000 Thread Count cotton Royale Pillow cases are distinctively thick and crisp. These high quality breathable Pillowcase Set are incredibly long lasting and comfortable.

    • Set of 2 Pillow case.
    • Weighing Tradionally Heavier.
    • Available in 7 trendy color.
    • Sizes available: King, Standard, 48cm x 74cm
    • Starting Range : 24.99£