Wash Care

Pizuna Linens are breathable, cool, airy, soft, pure cotton luxury beddings. All our products are crafted by using premium, revolutionary colorfast dyes that are engineered for sustainability and are better for the environment. We use ethically grown, eco-friendly and 100% naturally sourced pure cotton. There are no harmful chemicals used in any of our products making them ideal for all skin types. To keep the color intact, to not strip off the natural softness of the cotton fabric and to prevent wrinkling even after prolonged usage, But we all know that Cotton has a tendency to wrinkle, we suggest that you follow these simple 8 steps -

  1. Opt for gentle cycle while using the washing machine and tumble-dry low. Put the sheet open instead of rolled or folded in the washer, they will wash better and feel fresher for use.
  2. Wash linens separately to keep them away from pilling and wrinkling.
  3. Add detergent to the water instead of pouring it right onto your bed linens. Keep hues bright by not using bleach to avoid color loss.
  4. Use warm water using mild detergent for softness and durability. To get rid of dust mites / bacteria if any, you can also wash in hot water (60° C/140° F). If you want extra soft sheets, you may add softener into the rinse cycle.
  5. Remove sheet from washer and dryer quickly to reduce wrinkles.
  6. Do not bone dry the sheets as this will make the fabric stiffer, extremely wrinkled and of lower life. We recommend line drying to avoid wrinkling.
  7. Remove from the dryer slightly moist and then simply spread them on to the bed by hand pressing them to minimize wrinkles.
  8. Steam iron your pillow cases and sheets for a complete brand-new feel. Wash your sheets once a week for the fresh sleep.