Aesthetic Room Decor Ideas With Colorful Cushions, Lumbar And Pillowcases

Aesthetic Room Decor Ideas With Colorful Cushions, Lumbar And Pillowcases

You must have always wanted to live in a house depicted in movies; spacious, airy and good vibes. But, the search for master bedroom ideas and modern bedroom ideas on the internet is never-ending and often overwhelms because search results for aesthetic bedroom ideas on Google and Pinterest is never-ending. We’re here to make this process easy! Crafting your living room or the bedroom should be left to a professional designer. However, sometimes when you are tight on budget, it is best to follow DIY tips to make your home look better. Maybe you already have got excellent wall color, top-class furniture, lighting, and other elements. Yet, there are little decorative items that are excellent value addition to any home setting.

We are happy to launch a new range to decorate your living space. Our line of cushion covers, lumbar pillowcases and shams will elevate your aesthetic room decor, effortlessly.

Create a visually appealing bedroom, living room, and outdoor furniture using the ideas below.


Cotton Cushion Cover On Sofa

Let’s take a sneak peek into the history of cushions before we move ahead. During middle-ages when monarchs ruled, cushions were an essential part of nobility. One was considered wealthy if they owned cushions. In today’s time, we look at cushion as a decorative item to accentuate our home décor. Cushions are everyday luxury item that we use on sofa, chairs, beds, couch or any place you prefer. The beauty of cushions is, they take up little space and look superb. You can buy as many cushions you want and place them on your sofa, couch, chairs, and table. You will need cushion cover to protect your cushion against dust, stains and marks. You can buy premium-quality cushion covers online. These cushion covers from Pizuna are available in trendy colors for you to mix and match with your walls and interiors

Pillow Shams

Like cushions, pillow shams have a history too. In the past, these were crafted by skill artisans for decorative purpose. A removable front of the pillowcases was called shams. Well, pillow shams have stayed true to its centuries-long history, they are still used for decorative purpose. Pillow Shams add a certain flair to your décor, you can place them on your bed along with the pillows. Having pillow shams of different colors or patterns to contrast your bedroom color or regular pillows is a great way to accentuate the décor. You can pile up shams or created a layered formation on the couch or bed. Shop for colored pillow shams that are lightweight and soft here.

Lumbar Pillows

cotton lumbar pillow cases

Lumbar are essentially for supporting your back while you rest. It is designed ergonomically to support spine, improving posture, relieving pressure and treating musculoskeletal conditions. You can use the Lumbar for accentuating your room décor with creative ideas. Lumbar is a bit large than other pillows and easily grabs attention. Placing the same colored Lumbar on sofa sides looks luxurious and classy. You can also keep the lumbar surrounded by two pillowcases on your couch and bed for the simple and sophisticated look. Because of its large size, Lumbar take the center piece on a furniture. Mix and match your furniture with some bold and calming color with the lumbar pillowcase here. This lumbar pillow cover is soft and gentle on the skin.

Throw Pillows

throw pillow cases

Throw pillows are also called toss pillows, they are first choice of preference for interior designer to add elements to any space. Throws come in different shapes and sizes; you can pick the best one that suits your bedroom décor. They serve two purposes at the same time, the first is obviously style and the second is comfort. Throw pillows are an outstanding addition to any setup. Arrangement is the key to bring out the features in your décor. Throws are small and they can be used in numbers to cover the empty space on bed, outdoor couch, table and chair. Grab exciting colorful Throw Pillowcases for protecting your toss pillows and adding vibrancy to your décor. Moreover, these pillowcases are breathable and keep you cool during summers.


Bolster Pillow Cases

The use of Bolster dates back to 12th century. It is a long narrow pillow filled with different materials for comfort. Different countries around the world have been using bolster for a long-time now. In most cultures it has been called hug pillows because of the long size. Bolster is good for head and arm support while resting and sleeping. Use it to your advantage for enhancing your décor by creating a border around the couch or bed. Similarly, the bolster can be used as backrest on sofa seats. Buy some colorful bolster pillowcases that will not only protect your bolster from getting dirty, but infuse warmth to your décor with eye-catchy colors.

These bedding accessories offer excellent comfort along with incredible style. Depending on your bed room décor, you will find colorful bedroom ideas or luxury bedroom ideas to enhance the look manifolds. The best thing about decorating your home with beddings is, you don’t need a formal education is designing. Your basic understanding of colors and placement will get the job done. All you have to do is be open to free resources and keep an eye on latest trends. Moreover, throw pillow covers, sofa pillow covers, large cushion covers, bolster cases, pillow covers and lumbar cover are inexpensive compared to other decorative accessories. The covers keep your bedding safe from dirt, marks and stains as well as subtly improve the home and bed room décor.