What is a Duvet Cover Set

What is a Duvet Cover Set

We still get questions on what exactly is a Duvet Cover Set in our emails and messages because a lot of consumers still have a misconception about Duvets, Duvet Covers, and Duvet Cover Sets. What exactly consists in a Duvet? What is a Duvet Cover? Do you even need a Duvet Cover?!

We are here to help you make the right decision while simplifying the term for you. No matter where you go, the bedding department is incomplete without a Duvet, and to care for your Duvet, you need a Duvet Cover that sustains your Duvet makes your Duvet durable, at the same time keeping you cool in warm temperature and warm in cool temperature.

What is a Duvet?

What is Duvet

A Duvet is similar to a comforter or a blanket. A duvet is essentially filled with feathers, downs, wool, or synthetic fibers. It is said to have its origins in Europe (the word “Duvet” means “down” in old French). This large, pillow-like bag fits your mattress sans the hanging off the edges.

What is a Duvet Cover?

There are many questions that can be simply explained revolving around Duvet Cover. For example, what goes Inside a Duvet Cover? A Duvet! It’s nothing but a Cover for your Duvet. Simple, isn’t it? A Duvet Cover on a Duvet is more or else like a pillow cover over the pillow. It acts as a protective layer against the Duvet and saves you from the chore of getting the Duvet laundered. To add the decorative touch and give the bedroom an appealing touch, a Duvet Cover is used. Since Duvet Covers can be changed, you can switch the looks of your bedding with comparative ease.

 Why to Buy Duvet Cover?

A Duvet is difficult to wash because it is heavy and the contents of the material but a protective cover can be easily washed since it is easy to remove. In addition to protecting your Duvet, a cover gives you an array of designs and colors to select the one that feels the most comfortable to you while speaking your style.

What is Difference Between Comforter and Duvet?

A Duvet needs a Duvet Cover to ensure it stays durable, a comforter is ready to use from the package. You can use Duvet Cover for comforter too since a Duvet cover acts as a protective layer. One important point to consider is to see that it fits comfortably. There is not much of a difference! But it is always great to have more options for restful sleep needs. A comforter is ready to use while a Duvet requires a Duvet Cover that protects Duvet. You can use the Duvet Cover for your comforter too because Duvet Cover protects can protect comforter too. A Duvet is fluffier than a comforter, and also preferred.

How to Buy Luxury Duvet Covers?

You have to check the quality, feel and texture to determine the luxuriousness of the Duvet Covers. That’s why Pizuna Linens are superior quality Luxury Duvet Covers for you. Crafted to give you a sense of impeccable elegance, each Pizuna Linens piece is crafted to give you a crisp contemporary styling. Our luxury and modern duvet cover sets are made from 100% long staple cotton and natural materials. We use the Fine Yarn Technique in weaving and processing that creates a soft and subtle feel. The thinner yarn makes the fabric breathable and cozy.

The Single Dent satin weaving gives the duvet cover sets a softer and smoother finish. Each piece of bedding in the set is marked by the use of premium, revolutionary color fast dyes that are engineered for sustainability and are environment-friendly. All Pizuna Linens products are exclusive and designed in-house to give you a unique experience. You can browse more here.

How to choose a Duvet Cover?

You can choose Duvet Cover based on style, colors, and patterns. Since Duvet Cover is an essential part of your bedding, you have tons of options to choose from but below are a few important pointers before buying a Duvet Cover Set.

  • Size - Select a size that matches your Duvet. You also get matching shams to go with your Duvet Cover so that helps with color coordination.
  • Material - Cotton Duvet Cover is the best option if you want a snug feel Duvet Cover that provides you restful sleep. While there are many other fabrics available in the market, cotton remains a popular choice.

The Duvet Cover must be wider and longer than the mattress. The perfect size of the Duvet Cover depends on the depth of the mattress and how long or wide is the mattress. For a snug super comfy fit purchase a Duvet that’s bigger than your Duvet Cover by 2 inches in both length and width. If you want to explore the perfect size for Duvet Cover then you can also find more sizes here!

 Did you know Duvet Cover Queen the Popular Size?

Yes! One of the most popular Duvet Cover sizes is queen. According to our customers, queen size is the most preferred and purchased often. The Duvet Cover Queen Size is 90" x 90". The 3 PC Duvet Cover Set Queen Size also includes 2 Standard Size Pillow Shams of 20" x 26". Pizuna Linens has a wide range of colors in the size, and you can browse here!

Why Pizuna Linens White Duvet Cover is a Bestseller?

Pizuna Linens uses a special sateen weave in the fabric that makes them naturally breathable and wick away moisture to keep you cool throughout the night. Designed to appeal to the senses without compromising on functionality, the thinner yarns are woven using the Special Dent Sateen Weaving for a smooth and soft feel without compromising the strength. By using the weave of the cloth, rather than chemical processing, Pizuna Linens achieve a desired density and softness resulting in a product that is consistently soft over years of usage. It provides your skin the adequate space and balanced temperature needed to stay relaxed and rejuvenated throughout the night.

If you’re looking for a great, reasonably priced set of duvet covers, the Sateen Weave Pizuna Linens Bed linens are made just for you. Each set comprises of a duvet cover and pillow shams. Bringing you duvet covers directly from our manufacturing units to your home - Know more here.

Benefits of Cotton for your Skin

 Benefits of Cotton for your Skin

Cotton is naturally pure with a tendency to make you feel super comfortable. There are several benefits of cotton, like dust resistance that ensures the user is cozy and is an easy option for folks with sensitive skin. Cotton is cool and draws body moisture away from the skin giving you a very comfortable experience and restful sleep when you opt for Cotton Duvet Covers.

Should You Buy Cotton Duvet Cover?

A Cotton Duvet Cover is not only sweat absorbent but also has temperature balancing properties helping you with restful sleep. So after sharing the above benefits, should you buy cotton duvet cover? YES!

Pizuna Linens uses 100% Long Staple Cotton which is natural with multiple benefits designed to control moisture, provide comfort, is hypoallergenic, weatherproof, and durable fabric. It is healthy for you and your family. The authenticate Long Staple Cotton ensures the thinner yarns are woven using the Special Dent Sateen Weaving for a smooth and soft feel without compromising the strength.

How to Wash Cotton Duvet Cover?

You can wash as often as you like, but we suggest you to Wash your Duvet Cover once a week for the fresh sleep. Here are some details that explain it better. You can also watch a helpful video here.

  1. Opt for gentle cycle while using the washing machine and tumble-dry low. Put the sheet open instead of rolled or folded in the washer, they will wash better and feel fresher for use.
  2. Wash linens separately to keep them away from pilling and wrinkling.
  3. Add detergent to the water instead of pouring it right onto your bed linens.
  4. Keep hues bright by not using bleach to avoid color loss.
  5. Use warm water using mild detergent for softness and durability. To get rid of dust mites / bacteria if any, you can also wash in hot water (60° C/140° F).
  6. If you want extra soft Duvet Cover, you may add softener into the rinse cycle.
  7. Remove Duvet Cover from washer and dryer quickly to reduce wrinkles.
  8. Do not bone dry the Duvet Cover as this will make the fabric stiffer, extremely wrinkled and of lower life. We recommend line drying to avoid wrinkling.
  9. Remove from the dryer slightly moist and then simply spread them on to the bed by hand pressing them to minimize wrinkles. 
  10. Steam-iron your pillow cases and Duvet Cover for a complete brand-new feel.


A summary of Duvet Covers is this- Duvet Cover protects your Duvet giving your Duvet a long life. Cotton Duvet Covers are best as they keep you cool and warm with temperature balancing properties with a focus on comfort. Duvet Cover also gives you a chance to experiment with colors and style and express your personality by being available in a luxury collection. Sleep is essential for your soul, and a Duvet Cover is an integral part of your beddings. So when are you purchasing a new Duvet Cover? If you need inspiration then, head over here!