What is the difference between Cotton and Microfiber?

What is the difference between Cotton and Microfiber?

The morning after a goodnight’s sleep is full of energy and subsequently you are fresh throughout the day. A peaceful goodnight sleep is key towards healthy life. With a conducive sleeping environment, you can get the best possible sleep, and bedding plays a crucial role for healthy sleeping routine. There are many beddings in different fabric and texture and in this blog we will elaborate, unlock and compare the best bedding for you - do a head-to-head comparison for Cotton vs Microfiber.

Let’s dive in to know more about the primary difference between microfibre and cotton sheets.


What is Cotton


Cotton is a soft, fluffy fiber known for it's natural ability for moisture absorbency. It has been used for centuries to craft day-to-day accessories like clothes, curtains, blankets, textile, and much more. The quality of the cotton varies geographically because of several factors. Egyptian and Long Staple cotton are considered premium because of their long fibres. Whereas, Pima cotton and Upland cotton are suitable for mid-range to affordable. Of course, the quality of the cotton is vital in determining the softness, durability, breathability, and other factors. All these cotton varieties can be woven in Flannel, Percale and Sateen, all yielding a different result. As cotton is available in different types, the price for bed sheets depending on the cotton incorporated in the fabric changes. Cotton sheets get softer with each wash. Since, it comes from natural resources, people with allergies can relax comfortably. Moreover, for hot sleepers (people who sweat a lot) cotton is the best bedding choice because of its gentleness and breathability. The reason cotton is famous across all textiles is because of it’s breathability. You must have enjoyed the sumptuous feel of cotton sheets in the past, buy some excellent beddings crafted using 100% Long Staple Cotton here


Cotton Sheet


What is Microfiber ?


It is made of synthetic material blends like polyester, nylon, silky materials, wood pulp, recycled materials and more. The microfibre sheets are machine-made from non-natural resources. As, microfibre is crafted using synthetic materials, it wrinkles and shrinks less. Woven mostly in percale or sateen weave, microfiber sheets consist of super-thin fibers. Even though crafted with thin fibers, they are strong and durable, depending on how tight the weave is. The microfiber sheets are lightweight and thin that results in a smooth and supple texture. Taking care of these sheets is very convenient as they can be washed on a normal cycle and maintain shape after going through the dryer. The synthetic blend composition of the microfiber sheets makes them soft.

Now you have an overview of cotton and microfibre. Let’s do a comparison between them on different yardsticks.


Here's cotton vs microfiber



Which is better?


While cotton beats microfiber on most of the parameters, microfiber sheets cost less and last longer. Still, the advantages of cotton fabric are numerous which is why they cost more and have been popular for centuries. Going for the cotton bed linens is always the best choice if you have the budget because of the comfort, softness, temperature-balancing and cooling effect. Moreover, if the weave is sateen, you will get a luxurious sheen and feel to your bed linens.

You know the many benefits that cotton offers, there are several types of cotton bed sheets in the market. The fibre of any cotton defines the quality of the fabric, short staple or fibre are comparatively weak and coarse. Whereas, cotton with long staple and extra long fibres is considered as soft, smooth, resistant to pilling, fraying, tearing and are durable. If you want bed sheets that are soft, moisture-wicking, durable and make your bedroom look 5star hotel quality with lustrous sheen, you are only a click away. Explore the best and refreshing bed linens from Pizuna by clicking here.