Recreate your bedroom into 5 Star luxury hotel room

Recreate your bedroom into 5 Star luxury hotel room
Summers are fun as you get to travel in picturesque touristy place and stay in coziest hotels. And how can we forget that hotels have their own charm. The pandemic has been terrible and we’ve all been cooped up in our rooms, missing the experience of stepping into luxurious hotels and aesthetic bedrooms. If you think about it indulging in comfortable soft bed is one of the best parts of the summer vacation - The bed is inviting, the décor appealing, pleasant lighting and sheets that feel great. While the pandemic has made it hard for us to relish a few nights at our favorite hotel, you can still recreate the hotel style bedroom experience at home with these luxury hotel room design ideas to transform your bedroom to 5star feel. While revamping your sleeping space what matters the most is the personal preference of an individual. Take help of professional designers to spruce up your bedroom or do it your own way, whichever way you choose, bedroom makeover is always fun and rewarding, and so we have some style tips for you to recreate your sleeping space into hotel style luxurious room.

Clear the Clutter 

The rooms in an upscale hotel are curated for the best experience a person can live. You will notice how precisely things are placed and decorated. Only the things that are important are present in the area. It will take minimum effort for you to enhance your bedroom by clearing the unnecessary items occupying space. Decluttering your home makes it look and feel spacious. You can keep stationery and things required for day-to-day to utilities in the drawers or a storage box to maintain the aesthetic of the bedroom décor.

Ambiant Lighting

Your eyes don’t have to adjust to the lighting of a luxe hotel room because it is relaxing and comfortable. The rooms in the hotels are well-lit and soft so maintain a consistency with your lights, put bulbs emitting dim lights on the ceiling, floor and corners. Your bedroom should be illuminated sufficiently for a comfortable vision but not too brightly. Customize your bedroom in a way that allows you to install lamps and scones to create a warm and cozy atmosphere before bedtime.

Ideal Bed Size 

Bed is the most important element for replicating a luxury hotel bedroom at home. You will find beds of different sizes on the market. Most of the premium hotels around the world have a king size bed. It doesn’t mean you should get one at your home too. The space in a hotel room is huge and a king size bed doesn’t look cramped. Get a bed that fits your space perfectly, it should not look too huge, neither it should look small. The size of your bed is a personal choice but ensure you have plenty of area to walk around and you can open closet, cupboard and other storage without obstruction. 

Cozy Bed Linens

A goodnight’s sleep in a lavish hotel is an unforgettable experience. You feel relaxed because of the plush bedding, usually made of cotton, but may vary for different hotels. The fitted sheet, flat sheet, mattress and comforter are all essential beddings but they can be used aesthetically to make your bed look wonderful. If you want a guide on how to use bedroom accessories to decorate your bedroom then – read our blog. One of the reasons you remember the luxury bed sheets is because of the comfort they offer. Best bed linen sheets with thread count of 400 and more are soft, breathable and luxurious. Investing in premium-quality sheets is value for money considering they last long and are super-relaxing. You can explore wide range of colorful hotel collection sheets to give your bedroom a 5star hotel appearance.

Elegant Furniture

A good furniture set will instantly add value to your bedroom décor. This is the reason you see there are chairs, couches, table and desks in a hotel bedroom. While buying an entire set of furniture at once is a great idea, you must think of adding one piece at a time. There are variety of modern and vintage furnishing available in the market, choose style you desire the most. However, a small sofa at the end of your bed is a must-have in hotel inspired bedrooms for the 5star appearance. Check out unique bedroom designs for aesthetic room décor ideas.

Wall Art Work

Art is inspiring, you can install numerous art work like paintings, plates, sculptures, book shelf and something as simple as a mirror. The objective of installing a piece of art in your bedroom is to enhance the visual appeal. You will notice there is at least a painting or a portrait in a luxury hotel room. If you want you can keep it simple with a landscape painting, you don’t have to spend over the top. These wall art ideas for your bedroom are perfect for you to begin with.

Invigorating Perfume

Rug is a chic addition when replicating hotel like bedroom interior setting. You can keep one on each side of the bed in color that you like. Similarly, you can lay down a patterned carpet at the center of your bedroom. While carpets are huge in size, rugs are smaller, more cushiony and softer. Buy the carpet or rug to compliment your bedroom décor for an attractive appearance. Want more bedroom décor ideas? Our handy guide is here.