Buying Guide for High Thread Count Sheets

Buying Guide for High Thread Count Sheets

Have you always wondered if high thread count matters, why are they expensive, whether should you invest in them? Here we will share the truth about high thread count bed linens and answered the most asked questions by customers.


Q1. What Thread Count means?

A1Thread count refers to a measure of the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. Essentially, it’s a measure of how closely woven a piece of fabric is, which helps to lend a comfortable feel to the beddings. For example, 800 Thread count sheets give a buttery smooth feel with exquisite thickness whereas 1000 thread count sheets feel highly luxurious, crispy, and thickly weighted.


Q2. Why are high thread count sheets expensive?

Why are high thread count sheets expensive?

A2. Higher thread count sheets come at a premium price because they are crafted using the fine yarn technique. The fine yarn technique results in thinner cotton yarn that is soft, subtle, long-lasting, sweat-wicking, and temperature balancing. Fine yarn can only be made from long staple cotton or extra-long staple cotton fibers. These sheets commonly cost more than the average thread count sheets for their longevity and the luxurious comfort they provide.


Q3. Does high thread count sheets matter?

A3. Yes, The higher the thread count, the thicker the sheets, and therefore they are more likely to wear well over time. Perhaps even get softer over time. Usually, good sheets range from 400 to 800, but you'll also see genuine numbers as high as 1,000 Thread count.


Q4. What is the difference between Real Thread Count and Fake Thread Count?

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A4.The major difference between the real thread count and the fake thread count is the ply. "Ply" is the number of yarns that make up a single thread. Single-ply yarn is the most durable, since it's made up of one continuous thread, and is cooler and long lasting. The fake multi-ply yarn on the other hand has larger air pockets and thicker yarn which leads to abrasion and shorter life span.


Q5. Is high thread count better for sheets?

A5.It is all about preference! The sheets are purchased on the basis of individual preferences. For example, hot sleepers opt for 100% cotton high thread count sheets as these are perfectly smooth and breathable. These sheets are temperature regulating and keep you cool even during summer.


Q6.Are 1000 thread count sheets hotter?

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A6.No, the 1000 thread count sheets are cooler as they are made out of 100% long-staple cotton and the air pockets are smaller so the fabric feels cooler. These sheets are temperature regulating that keeps the skin breathable. Also, the finest single yarns make the sheets luxuriously thick and more breathable because their high surface area allows the moisture to evaporate quickly due to which the sheets are also sweat-wicking and have high absorption capacity.


Q7. What kind of sheets do 5-star hotels use?

A7.Cotton sheets are king in most 5-star hotels. 5-star Hotels opt for higher thread count cotton sheets over 400 thread count and above based on the category of 5 star sheets as they have inherent durability giving a soft and smooth feel against the skin. These sheets stay soft and wear well despite undergoing frequent industrial washes at a high temperature.


Q8. Why are my 1000 thread count sheets not soft?

A8. High-quality 1000 thread count sheets are 5-star hotel-style crisp, luxuriously thick, and heavy. These high thread count sheets soften with each wash and require mild detergent for washing to maintain their long-lasting softness. These high-thread-count bed linens are comfortable, durable, and stay with you for a long time.


Q9. Is 800 thread count sheets good?

A9. Yes, these buttery soft 800 Thread Count sheets are a perfect choice if you are looking for thick sheets that last for years. These sheets have outstanding strength and can endure multiple washes while retaining their smooth feel.


Q10. What thread count is best for cotton bed sheets?

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A10. It is based on your preference, on how you want the fabric to feel.

400 thread count sheets are, airy and ideal for those who like to sleep on lightweight sheets as they weigh 125 gsm*. You can buy them here.

600 thread count sheets are smooth, mid-weight and ideal for those who like moderately heavy sheets as they weigh 145 gsm. You can buy them here.

800 thread count sheets are buttery smooth with a perfect balance of crisp and softness. It’s ideal for those who like sheets that feel heavy as they weigh 160 gsm. You can buy them here.

1000 thread count sheets are luxuriously thick and crisp, it doesn’t move as you roll. It’s ideal for those who like sheets that are heavy as they weigh 190 gsm

*Gsm is gram per square meter


Q11. What are the best sheets for all seasons?

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A11. Cotton is the best natural yarn with a multitude of benefits. Bed sheets crafted out of cotton are naturally thermo-regulating and are ideal for all-season comfort. Compared to other fabrics cotton is cooler as it is more breathable. It is also recommended by dermatologists for those with skin sensitivities and allergies because it has a soothing texture that is ideal for comfort.

All the above questions lead us to one question “Does thread count matter for a night’s peaceful sleep?”

Thread counts are just a measure that indicates the quality of the sheets. In the end, it is about personal preferences. Investing in high-quality sheets is like investing in healthy sleep. The ultimate goal is to get a peaceful sleep with the help of these sheets and bedding to wake up relaxed and kick-starting the day with full energy.