Reason, you should make your bed everyday

Reason, you should make your bed everyday

Do you remember how you used to detest your mom nagging at you in the morning to make your bed? And you used to retaliate by saying that it’s an unnecessary chore as it is going to be unmade again. Research shows that your mom was right about asking you to make your bed daily. Read on and be motivated to make your bed every morning.

Studies show that people who made their bed daily were found to have better sleep as compared to those who didn’t. The thought of returning home to clean sheets and a done-up bed is comforting to say the least.

Humans shed a lot of skin during the course of the day. The dead skin particles cling onto the bed sheets. Also, our feet come in direct contact with the all the dirt spread over the floor and we unknowingly carry them onto the bed. Many of us unwind by watching our favourite movies or TV shows on the bed accompanied by snacks. The food particles and crumbs invite bed bugs and create bacteria which are really not good for your body. Making your bed becomes a must especially if you have fur babies at home.

The normal action of flipping your bed linens, sheets, pillow cases and shams, duvet cover, comforter at least once a day keeps the hygiene levels high and adds to the decluttered look in the bedroom.

So people, just as the way it is recommended to take a bath regularly, it’s also important that you make your bed daily. Keep the sheets clean and fresh. And relax in the most enviable manner.