Follow the Rule of Three to keep your cotton sheets soft and long lasting

Follow the Rule of Three to keep your cotton sheets soft and long lasting

Keep your sheets in rotation of three to make them look and feel at their best.

We spend 8 hours of our day in bed which is a significant time for dirt buildup this means that your sheets need regular washing. But an ideal time to change sheets depends on your lifestyle. When you adopt the rotation of three sheets for your bedding routine, you can be sure of sleeping in soft beddings every single day.


How to apply Rule of Three?

Wash Care Guide


At every time, there should be sheets on the bed, in the closet and in the washer. Let’s dig in a little deeper.


1 On the bed

The first rule is that at any given time you must have one sheet on your bed. You can mix and match it with your duvet cover and sheet sets.


2 In the closet

The second rule is that at any given time, a spare set should always be there in your closet in case you have to wash the other two. Or you might even need one for special occasions in colors of your choice.

You also need extra set of sheets to change when you’re sick as you tend to sweat more and there is a chance the sheets needs to be washed often.


3 In the washer

Accidents like food stains, spilled drinks can occur anytime. Washing bed sets regularly not only keeps them clean but increases their lifespan. If you are going to use only one set of bedding for months, they will wear out faster and fill up with allergy causing mites if not washed regularly.


Following the rule of three ensures you can keep your sheets feel soft and luxurious extending their life.

Now that we know what the Rule of Three is, let’s dive into how often should you wash your bedsheets.


How often should you wash your bedsheets?

Washing your sheets and pillowcases at least once in two weeks keeps them fresh. And if you are a hot sleeper, the laundry frequency should be once a week. The problem is, if you are going to wash your sheets regularly, having a single set isn’t enough. Thus, how many sheets do you need? You should have three sets to follow the golden rule of three.


How often to wash different types of sheets and beddings?

Fitted Sheet


Fitted Sheet

A fitted sheet directly comes in contact with you and absorbs a lot of sweat and dead skin cells. Moreover, it protects your mattress from stain, dirt, spills, and marks. You have to keep it clean to protect your mattress and increase its longevity. Washing your fitted sheet once a week is ideal to ensure the bed you sleep in every night is free from allergens causing mites, dust, and dirt.

You would need a sheet that feels good against your skin; this cotton fitted sheet made from combed cotton is hypoallergenic and suitable for people with skin sensitivities.


Flat Sheet


Flat Sheet

A flat sheet protects your comforter from sweat and dirt, keeping your bed fresh. It is also called top sheet and is highly-functional. You can tuck the flat sheets under your mattress to protect it from marks and stains. Also, during the hot summers months you can do away with a comforter and use a flat sheet instead to stay cool. You have to launder a top sheet at least once in two weeks because it comes in full contact with your body.

Buy a cotton flat sheet which is generously sized and stylish for all-season comfort. This flat sheet is weaved using fine yarn technique that offers remarkable breathability.


Cotton Duvet Cover


Duvet Cover

A duvet cover will absorb a lot of moisture during the night. It helps in protecting your duvet from dirt and save you from the hassle of washing your duvet frequently. You have to wash the duvet cover at least once a week because it is fully in contact with the skin. Since duvet covers are interchangeable and always are on top of the bed you can mix and match some designs and colors. If you like adding some style to your bedroom this Bohemian patterned cotton duvet cover set is the perfect choice. It features four-corner ties to prevent the duvet from bunching up inside and an elegant hidden button closure.

Cotton Pillow Cases



The pillow cases needs washing every week as it absorbs oils from the scalp. There is also chance of stains caused by facial creams and hence requires regular washing. Give your bedroom a makeover with these stylish pillowcases available in a wide range of color.



This is the most important component of the entire bedding and it is expensive for a reason. You feel great when sleeping on a comfortable mattress. Whereas, once the mattress loses its flexibility, you will toss and turn every night until you get it replaced. Although, a mattress is something that you should not wash regularly because, one it is not easy and two it does not come directly in contact with you. A mattress should be washed at least once before summer and winter.



Duvet has fillings, it is similar to a mattress, thick and heavy. Your comforter will become a den of those creepy eight-legged bugs that cause allergies and rashes. Getting it cleaned once per season like you’d with the mattress will ensure freshness for a long time.



You rest the head on the pillows for average of 56 hours a week. They get stained with facial creams, hair oil and make up more than any other bedding. As pillows are easy-to-wash, you should launder them at least once every quarter that is four times a year. This will maintain their fluffiness and increase their shelf life for years to come. Now that you know the frequency of washing required by different bedding. It is essential to wash the bedsheets properly to prevent damage and rid them off dirt, stains, and, soil.


How to wash bed sheets?


How to Wash BedSheet


  • When washing bedding, use the hottest temperature listed on the care label. Hot water kills most germs in the bedding and also kills dust mites that thrive in it.
  • Separate by color just like you would with clothing, darker colors can dull or bleed into lighter colors.
  • Use a gentle cycle for washing the sheets and take out the sheets as soon as they have been washed. Shaking the sheets out before placing them in the dryer will also reduce wrinkles.
  • When machine-drying, use a low heat setting to prevent damage to the sheets.
  • As soon as the cycle has finished, remove the sheets from the dryer and fold them, smoothing wrinkles with your hands.
  • Whenever possible, dry sheets on an outside clothesline but out of direct sunlight. Line drying enhances freshness and reduces strong odors.



The rotation of sheets once a week applying the golden rule of 3 will increase their longevity. Washing your bedsheets every week also promotes healthy sleeping habits to prevent allergies and illness. Because you are going to the need three sets to follow the golden rule, you can buy colorful and printed linens made from 100% long staple cotton that get softer after each wash here.