Halloween Bedroom Decor Ideas 2021

Halloween Bedroom Decor Ideas 2021

Halloween is a festival adored by all, we love to be creative with our spooky costumes, enjoy the trick-or-treat with the kids. It also means decorating our homes to a scary setting. We love it so much that, according to an NRF annual survey, the planned spending per person for Halloween this year is $102.74! And 52% of which will be splurged on decoration. We advise you to spend that money wisely and try these Halloween home decor tips to make your sleeping space feel eerie, these Halloween bedroom decor ideas will cost you a little over $50.


Wizard’s Cauldron

cauldron for bedroom

Imagine having a bubbling cauldron in your spooky bedroom this Halloween. Give your guests a scare that you are brewing a magical potion to bewitch them. The trick here is adding dry ice into little water. You can buy a decorative plastic cauldron that is identical to the old-fashioned cast-iron cauldrons here. Perform your rituals with a more theatrical manner by doing them beside purple sheets, the color of the sorcerers.


Terrifying Cobwebs

Cob Webs

Spiderwebs are a reminder that a place is uninhabited for long and they characterize ruin. There are a few people who claim not to be afraid of spiders, and we all have grown up watching movies of haunted homes engulfed with spiderwebs. Most of the kids will run around frantically seeing the fake cobweb, get it here


Creepy Candles

skull candles

Halloween is the night of all-consuming fearful darkness. Achieve the look with black tapers on top of brass holders that will complete the medieval look. Similarly, you can choose the skull candle too for accentuating the creepy bedroom decor. Customize a scary house with this skull candle, find the best taper holder and black bedsheets offers a gothic feel.


Gazing Eyeballs

Gazing Eyeball

Someone staring at you incessantly always sends shivers down the spine. Now think of big-sized bloodshot red eyeballs looking at you, the thought is scary, isn’t it? These inflatable eyeballs will surely create a sinister appearance at your home. You have to place them in your bedroom to spring a surprise amongst visitors. The headboard of your bed or above the mirror is an ideal place to give a strange feeling to the guests of being watched.


Witches’ Broomstick

witches broomstick

Even though imaginary, broomstick signify witches and wizards. The idea has only gotten popular with movies like Harry Potter You can setup a Hogwarts like decor with one or more fancy broomsticks by hanging them on the wall or putting them on the bed.


Broken Windows

broken windows

Broken and dusty windows are often found in ruined homes possessed by evil spirits, you can put on a 3D broken glass adhesive sticker on your window for a feel of decadence. Also, use tattered curtains for a finishing look, all you need is a disposable old curtain or a piece of cloth. Make holes, trim it with a scissor at the bottom, ensure it looks rugged and unkempt.


Spooky Jack-O’-Lantern


Pumpkin lantern or Jack-O’-Lantern is the most notable symbol of Halloween around the world. You must have adorned Halloween pumpkin decorations over the years for your porch to keep the candy for children. Carve your pumpkins in a petrifying shape and inside the hollow part put a reflective red plastic sheet to bring out the color element. The pumpkin lanterns can be put on the tables beside the bed, you can get orange pillowcases to enhance the color scheme.


Eerie Colors

Colorful Bedsheets

While white bedsheets are an all-time favorite, toss them aside this Halloween. Instead use extra spooky colors like black and orange that are synonymous with Halloween. You can go for green and purple too as lately these colors have been trending. You can get the perfectly cozy Halloween colors bedsheets here.

Create a spine-tingling Halloween décor with these affordable tips. The most important factor while tailoring a scary look is making use of the components that are handy. Utilize lighting and colors to full extent as these are the essentials that really stand out. We know you are excited for Halloween and cannot wait to get your hands on crafts to make your bedroom spooky.