How To Get Blood Out Of Your Sheet?

How To Get Blood Out Of Your Sheet?

Has it ever happened to you that you wake up from bed and notice blood on the sheets?

It happens to everyone. All of us have faced this situation in our life in different circumstances, and the experience is unpleasant.

You were unaware that you had a bleeding nose, a wound on your body, or that it was that time of the month. All of these situations can lead to blood on your bedsheets.

The very first thing that comes to our mind after noticing blood is to wash the sheets. Though it is pretty difficult to wash out the blood from the sheets, it's not impossible, and the quicker you wash, the easier it gets.

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You can follow the below steps to get the blood out of your sheets-

steps to get the blood out of your sheets


How to Get Blood Out of Your Sheets?

Below are a few steps you can follow to make the process of removing blood a lot easier and your bed sheets a lot cleaner in the end-

Step 1: Use cold water and soak it As soon as you see the bloodstain, take the sheet and soak it in cold water for long hours. You may use warm or hot water to remove stains or dirt from your clothes. But in the case of blood, using warm water will set the blood stain leading to difficulty in removing the blood from the cloth. So soaking in cold water for long hours will stop the blood from settling on the fabric.

Step 2: Blot it, don't rub Rubbing is a usual method we use to remove any stain from clothes. It might work in almost all situations. But when there is blood on the sheet, rubbing might spread the blood over the fabric. It will be a mess ultimately. So instead, blot the blood with a wet cloth. It helps to remove the excess blood.

Step 3: Leave it again in cold water After blotting the sheet, you have to leave the sheet in cold water for at least an hour. It helps to remove the blood more quickly as the stain becomes light.

Step 4: Use stain remover It's now time to apply a stain remover after soaking it in cold water. You can use household as well as commercial stain removers. Before using the stain remover, you must check, it is bleach free or not. Though bleaching helps in removing the stain, fabrics including acetate, wool, silk, spandex, and polypropylene foam should not be bleached. Furthermore, the overuse of bleach in a white sheet on a regular basis might deteriorate the fabric. So, you should avoid bleach as a stain remover.

Step 5: Soak in a soap solution. You need to soak in the soap solution for long hours after using a stain remover. It helps to remove the remaining blood in the sheet.

Step 6: Wash it out and let it dry. The last step of the whole process is to wash the sheet manually or with a washing machine and let it dry. Instead of using a dryer, place the bedsheet in the sun or in front of a fan. The stain can get uglier if you use the dryer.


How to Get Dried Blood Out of Your sheets?

It is not impossible to wash out dried blood, but it's a little bit more complicated than wet blood. To get rid of dried blood stains from sheets, you need to follow the same aforesaid steps. But one thing that needs to be considered for dried blood is that you should try rubbing instead of dabbing. Though dabbing also helps, rubbing seems to be more effective. You can gently rub the spot by applying stain remover. Moreover, after washing, drying the sheet naturally instead of machine drying is very important for dried bloodstains.


Some Effective Stain Removers

satin remover for bedsheet set

There are lots of commercial Stain Removers in the market. But despite using them, you can try some household Stain Removers. Some of the effective stain removers are-

1. Vinegar Vinegar is a common kitchen product. If you don't have any other stain remover in hand, use Vinegar. Set the sheet for at least half an hour after applying vinegar. The outcome will be excellent as it loosens the stain on the fabric that makes it easy to remove.

2. Baking Soda Baking Soda is a simple and readily available product at home. You'll need to prepare a paste with baking soda. Mix two to three portions of baking soda and one part of water to make a paste. Then apply the paste to the stain and dry in the sun. After drying, remove the residue with a brush. You will get a good result.

3. Salt Water If you don't have any of the above products, the most accessible alternative of all is Salt Water or Saline Water. Due to its dehydrating qualities, saltwater draws blood from sheets. Bloodstains should be soaked in salt water for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing with normal cold water.

Thus, the above steps are effective when you want to remove blood from your bedsheets. Try all the steps carefully. Don't use harsh products on your fabric and don't forget to use bleach-free stain removers. Besides, let your sheets dry naturally instead of using a dryer because a machine dryer can set the stain on the sheet.

Nothing feels like slipping into a bed with fresh, clean sheets. Now that you know how to get blood out of your sheets, removing stains and making your sheets clean won't be a problem anymore. Washing doesn’t need to be cumbersome, here’s a blog to make it easier for you.