Keeping Bed Linens Clean During COVID-19

Keeping Bed Linens Clean During COVID-19

A terrifying visual recalling the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic builds up as concerns are raised about what comes next. We are well aware of the disastrous aftermath of this deadly virus. It can spread quickly, taking a heavy toll. We are already in the midst of the next wave. China's hospitals are filling up again due to an increased number of COVID cases & all are panicking again. But, disinfecting things that come into your daily contact is the best way to stay safe from the pandemic.

Cleaning, washing, and drying bedsheets while living in fear of COVID-19 transmission has affected the way we wash bedding. But keeping your bedlinens clean in the times of the COVID-19 scare is easier than you imagined with these simple tried and tested wash care instructions.

Let’s take a look at how we can keep our bed linens clean. Follow the below-given instructions to disinfect your bedding from the deadly virus.


Pre Wash Care Instruction



Wash Care Instruction

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How to sanitize washing machines is also as important as how to wash bed sheets and it is often neglected by us. But do you know that washing machines build up residue & grime from the detergents we use? It can also get clogged with dirt and germs. You will be less likely to get clean clothes when your washer is clogged. This may also increase the possibility of cross-contamination. Hence, it's essential to clean & sanitize your washing machine at least once a month.

Let's understand how to sanitize it quickly & effectively.

  • Set the Washer Water Temperature
  • Add Chlorine Bleach
  • Set the Washer Cycle
  • Scrub the Interior Components
  • Do a Final Rinse
  • Clean the Exterior of the Washer

This not only keeps your machine in proper working condition but disinfects it to get clean clothes & bed linens when washed.

Wash sheets at 140° F/60° C FOR OPTIMUM CLEANING

  • Cotton sheets are best washed in warm water
  • Opting for 140°F/60° C for washing bedding is ideal
  • The temperature acts effectually in eliminating bacteria, killing bed bugs and dust mites
  • It also reduces their lifecycle, removing grease and stains and giving fresh and crisp sheets
  • Statistics and research all point in favor of the 60°C/140°F wash as it acts in reducing allergens too
  • Do not wash colored bedding at 60°C/140°F wash
  • The high water temperature might cause the colors to get faded
  • Make sure your sheets can withstand the heat



  • The high-temperature wash along with a good detergent kills the bacteria, viruses, fungi and germs from the bed linen
  • Adding bleach to the wash cycle cleans the sheets effectively
  • Read instructions for the proper bleach quantity to be used before using
  • Use color bleach for colored clothes



A weekly wash is ideal in the following scenarios;

  • You sleep daily on the bed
  • When you and your partner sweat a lot
  • You or your partner suffer from a contagious disease
  • When your pet sleeps with you.



  • You can sanitize your bed linens post-wash by using fabric disinfectants and sprays
  • Please remember to use fabric sprays only as those meant for other surfaces may not be as effective on fabric

Use these steps & keep your bed linens clean not only during COVID-19 but throughout the year.