Nearly half of single men have ‘gross’ bed sheet habit: Study

Nearly half of single men have ‘gross’ bed sheet habit: Study

Are single men not washing their sheets for 4 months at a time? Yes!

Our recent report also adds fascinating habits of single men and women when it comes to washing sheets and sheds light.

The study surveyed 2,250 adults over 18 years of age, men and women, around the frequency of changing sheets in their home. The results were very clear as to who cleans their sheets more.

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Compelling statistics on the frequency of washing bedsheets


  • Almost half of single men don’t wash their bed sheets for up to four months at a time, with 12% admitting they wash them when they remember – which could be even longer
  • Single women are generally the most hygienic, with the majority (62%) cleaning their bedding every two weeks – even couples typically do theirs every three weeks
  • Forgetting, not being bothered, and not having any other clean bedding are the top reasons people don’t change their bedding more often
  • 41% of UK adults don’t believe the recommended guidelines for washing their bedding to be true



When asked how often they wash their bed sheets, the survey found that 62% of single women changed their bedding once every two weeks, whereas only 29% single men washed their sheets at the same frequency. Instead, 45% of single men admitted only washing their sheets every three to four months. 12% of single men even said they just wash their bedding when they remember, which could be even longer.

Of those who stated they were not single, instead in a relationship, the most common result was that participants washed their sheets every three weeks, with just over a third saying they do so (35%). This was closely followed by 27% stating they only wash them once a month.


Top reasons why they are not washing the sheets

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  • I forget to do it - 67%
  • I don’t believe they need washing more often - 38%
  • I can’t be bothered - 35%
  • I don’t have any clean bedding to put on - 22%
  • I shower at night, so the bed sheets don’t get dirty - 18%



Why to wash sheets once a week

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We at Pizuna believe that at current times, when sleep health awareness is on the rise and more people would love to get in to bed with clean, fresh sheets, it’s surprising that many people, whether they’re single or in a relationship, may leave it a number of weeks before changing their bedding – longer than the recommended. Washing your sheets regularly can really help to improve your health and wellbeing, skin and even your mental health, and oftentimes, even help you to get a much better night’s sleep.

Clean sheets improves your sleep health as dust causing allergens, dead skin cells, body oils, sweat and general dirt all accumulating in your pillows, duvet and mattress, as well as your bed sheets can affect the quality of your sleep.

It is recommended to wash different parts of the bedding after different periods of time, depending on how often and how long you sleep in your bed. As a reference, bedding should be changed at the following rates:

  • Pillowcases – once a week
  • Bed sheets/bed linen – once a week
  • Duvet covers – once a week
  • Blankets and Duvets – every 2 to 3 months
  • Pillows – every 4 to 6 months

When given these timescales, as many as 41% didn’t believe these to be true.


How to wash your cotton sheets

In this video, there are a few tried and tested methods to wash bed sheets that will make your cotton sheets clean and long-lasting. There may be different solutions on washing your bed sheets, and you can find the way that seems easier for you.

When washing your sheets, a gentle cycle with fabric softener added through the rinse cycle can greatly increase softness. If you don’t have sensitive skin, consider using fragranced detergent and fabric softener with scents such as lavender, which is known to aid good-quality sleep.

The survey published in BBC News, Independent UK , Metro, Huffington Post among others.


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