Skin-friendly and best cotton sheets to stay cool in summer

Skin-friendly and best cotton sheets to stay cool in summer

Summer has arrived already! It is one season that you feel the hot during the day as well night. You invite friends and family over to your house for parties. Since the days are long during summers and nights shorter, you want to sleep wholesome. Sleepless or troubled night means less energy for your summertime adventures. Why not get a goodnight’s sleep with cooling bed sheets and softest sheets? to wake up with abundant enthusiasm the next day. You must be wondering how bed sheets correlate sleeping, they do. Established scientific study by Research Gate has shown the importance of bed linens for a peaceful sleep.

You want sheets that are comfortable, soft, cool and cozy. Often when buying bed sheets, you wonder what is the best fabric, a good thread count for sheets, will the sheets be the durable and half a dozen other questions. We will cover all your questions and tell you which sheets are the best for summers so that you can relax well during the night. The vital aspects of best bed linen are the fabric, texture, comfort and thread count. Also, people prefer having stylish bed sheets with pattern, texture, embroidery and design. Similarly, there are people who love the classic bed sheets too. While the style is a personal choice, the comfort of sheets entirely depends on the fabric and thread count.

Types of Fabric


1. Silk – In the bedding market, you will find several varieties of fabric for bed linens. Let us begin with silk, the costliest fabric used for bedding and is considered a luxury. Silk has a smooth texture and feel, but traps heat making it more suitable for cold conditions.

2. Linens – Linen is the second costliest after silk because of the its excellent strength and durability. The sheets crafted from linens are cool, breathable and have high-absorbency. Linen is soft and feels good on the skin.

3. Tencel – A fiber developed in the last century, it has become popular because of anti-microbial and hygienic properties. Tencel sheets are soft and crafted from sustainable resources.

4. Flannel – The sheets made from Flannel are soft and doesn’t irritate your skin. They have high-breathability and wicks away moisture. Flannel sheets feel warm and are suitable for winter.

5. Bamboo – In recent years bamboo sheets are in demand for the softness they offer. Moreover, these sheets are cheap compared to other fabric because the durability.

6. Microfiber – Resourced from various recycled from nylon, polyester, wood pulp and other materials. These sheets are durable and affordable. However, they are not eco-friendly and irritate the skin. We recently compared microfiber vs cotton sheets to understand which fared better.

7. Cotton – Cotton is the king of textile when it comes to overall performance. It has been a favorite for centuries across different industries and you use cotton in everyday life. The sheets made of cotton come from natural fibers and involves relatively less chemical processing. They are soft, durable, feel gentle on the skin and have other benefits that you can read below.


1. Breathable– Cotton sheets are crafted from natural fibers and have excellent temperature-balancing properties. Thereby, you feel cool during summers and warm in winters. Cotton bed linen are the best cooling sheets for hot sleepers who sweat a lot.

2. Soft – Cotton undoubtedly creates the softest bed sheets. The feel of cotton bed sheets on the skin is gentle and smooth. Your skin breathes naturally and appreciates the softness. The cotton sheets get softer with every wash.

3. Lightweight – The lightweight feel of the cotton sheets is pleasurable. Because of the high-absorbency they are an ideal choice for warm climate conditions.

4. Hypoallergenic – If your skin is sensitive and allergic, cotton fabric is the best bet for you. Sheets made of it are ideal for people with chemical sensitivities and allergies.

5. Durable – The cotton fibers are hard to break down. Therefore, cotton sheets fray and pill very less if taken care of properly. Moreover, the dye resists fading on cotton and stays bright after extended use.

6. Natural - Your skin breathes naturally with the sheets made from cotton as they are organic and do not require harmful chemicals for processing.

7. Sustainable - The natural fibers of cotton mean the sheets made out of it are renewable and biodegradable. With the low-ecological impact of cotton, it has been prevalent across all industries.

These are some of the countless benefits that cotton offers. As cotton has high-absorbency and hypoallergenic properties, hot sleepers and people with skin sensitivity can sleep well regardless of the season. Furthermore, cotton sheets are value for money as they get softer with successive washing and last for years with proper wash care. You can buy premium quality cotton luxury bed sheet here. 

A good thread count for sheets 

This is one of the most asked questions in all forums and this topic requires more details which you can find in our blog which is the best thread count for sheets.

We have explained in brief on which thread count is suited for you because each thread count has it's benefits and is tailored for different seasons.

1. 400 Thread Count

The 400 thread count bed sheets are light, cool, and breathable as the weave density is thin.

2. 600 Thread Count

With the 600 thread count sheets you get a 5star hotel quality feel and a luxurious sateen weave that is smooth and gentle on the skin.

3. 800 Thread Count

You get a luxurious experience with the 800 thread count sheets and they last for several years because of thick density.

3. 1000 Thread Count

Bed linens of 1000 thread count are simply majestic, they provide unparallel comfort, softness and luxe feel.


Summer means a lot of sweating and you don’t want to wake up soaked. Coarse bed sheets mean more trouble to the skin with rashes and itching if you sweat profusely. Why not spend your money wisely in getting bedding that provide you comfort and delight? Cotton is your best bet against the scorching heat to keep you cool in the summers. You feel great sleeping on cotton sheets as the feel is gentle. There are even varieties of cotton sheets in the market. Short-fiber cotton sheets are less soft and durable, whereas the sheets made from long and extra long cotton fibers are sumptuous. Similarly, the type of weave of bed linens is also important. Sateen weave sheets have a lustrous sheen to make elevate your bedroom décor appeal. You can buy top-rated hotel-quality sateen sheets crafted from 100% long staple cotton in sateen weave here for the most comfortable sleeps during summer.

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