Trending Dorm Room Color Schemes for 2022

Trending Dorm Room Color Schemes for 2022

A dorm room is not just a living space, but a room where you learn to be independent and grow your circle. It's the place where you learn most of life’s lessons. So, decorating your living space for a good mood & calm vibes comes under your to-do list before moving to the college dorm. It's not just about selecting the color scheme but showcasing your personality through these colors. Start your dorm room decor by choosing the color scheme. It will make the whole process easier and help you visually organize the space. But, selecting the best dorm room color schemes can be a daunting task. Don't worry. We are here to help you out.

How to choose the best dorm room color schemes? 

  1. Start with what you already have 

If you are planning to use bed linens or comforters which you already have, then it can be the base color around which you can work upon. Make a list of dorm decor items you have with their respective colors and accordingly select the best dorm room color scheme from below.

Color wheel for decorating color scheme Ideas

  1. Remember the color wheel

The color wheel gives you color scheme ideas to choose from. Adjacent colors on the color wheel will make your room look comfortable and more cohesive. If you want to give a color pop and contrasting look to your dorm room, you can select the colors which are exactly opposite to each other on the color wheel.

  1. Select from your favorite colors

Just go with your favorite colors as they keep you happy, and relaxed. They make you feel comfortable. If you still cannot decide, check your wardrobe. There you have a collection of clothes in your favorite colors. If you have a more bright and bold-colored closet, then you are comfortable with the bright color palette. Is your wardrobe reflecting all neutral colors? Then, you might want to go with white and grey shades. 

  1. Don't pick more than four dorm room color schemes.

Everything should match together to create a beautiful & cozy dorm room. Hence, avoid using more than four dorm room color schemes. It won't look cohesive. 

      Now, the homework for finding the best dorm room color schemes is done. It's time to get to work and see which dorm room color schemes will work best for you. Here, we have some trending dorm room color schemes that you can choose to create the dorm room of your dreams. 

Trending Dorm Room Color Schemes

Pink and Grey color scheme ideas

  1. Pink & Grey 

With the perfect combination of pink & grey, the dorm room looks cozy & luxurious. It reflects playfulness with balance and neutrality. All the elements in this color scheme give a comfy relaxing look to the dorm room. And the tapestries hung near the bed complement the color scheme as the wall space is occupied nicely. 

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Ivory and Sand color Pallet Ideas

  1. Ivory & Sand Pallete

The color scheme will work best for the one who is looking for aesthetic dorm room. It is one of the modern color schemes which gives a calm, peaceful, and stylish look to your dorm room. If you want your dorm room to look serene when you come back after an exhausting day, then you should go for this dorm room color scheme. 

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Black and White color scheme Ideas for Monochrome Lovers

  1. Black & White

An easy to find and popular among male students, Black & white is one of the best dorm room color schemes. It looks, chic, clean, and comfortable when you use colors in perfect proportion. You should make more use of white for brightness. If Black is used more, the room might look dark & dull. You can complement the color scheme with light shades of grey to balance the colors. If you want to make it lavish, add some luxury touches with the stylish rug, blanket and pillows. You can also use tapestries, peel & stick wallpapers to elevate the space and make it a trendy dorm room. 

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All white Color ideas for Peace and Calm environment

  1. All White 

It is timeless and one of the best dorm room color motif. It can never go out-of-the trend. If you love neat & clean serene space, then you should try all-white dorm room decor. It is easy to find. The color scheme gives not only a spacious cozy feel but also keeps the room radiant. 

The color itself gives a luxurious feel to the space. You can use artificial hanging flowers or other decorative items with different colors for some playfulness and if you want to break the color tone. 

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Blue and Grey the color scheme you don't know you wanted

  1. Blue & Grey

The blue and grey dorm room color scheme looks so soothing and peaceful. If you love a relaxing environment just before starting and ending your day, you can go for this color scheme. Think of blue designer wallpapers, and rug and complement them with grey bedding. 

You can easily recreate this look with grey & blue pillowcasesduvet covers, and bed linens. 

The green and white dorm room

  1. Green & White

The green adds a fresh pop of color to a neutral dorm room. The green and white dorm room simply looks trendy & classic. The combination of white linens with the green duvet cover gives the perfect look to your bedding. Stylish printed tapestries make your empty wall space lively. Even the faux vines hanging from the ceiling add more life to the room. Especially, forest green compliments neutrals such as white, tan, and brown. It goes well in boho-themed dorm rooms too! If you are a nature lover, you can opt-in for this theme. 

Popular dorm room color scheme of combination of blue and pink

  1. Blue & Pink

The combination of blue and pink is a popular dorm room color scheme. It feels fresh, lively, and youthful. The colors complement so well to each other that give you rejuvenating vibes when you come back after a busy day. 

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These are the handpicked trending and best dorm room color schemes for the 2022. Select the one which suits your personality and gives you refreshing, soothing, and positive vibes. Don't forget to check out our wide range of bedding collections to complement your favorite color scheme.