Best Positions to Sleep in for a Restful Sleep

Best Positions to Sleep in for a Restful Sleep

Are you in search of the best positions to sleep for back pain, neck pain, or during pregnancy? Sleeping position is as important as sleeping time because when we sleep, our body works to revive itself. It either helps or impedes the process. So, it becomes crucial to know the best position to sleep in that will help support the natural spinal curvature. A good sleeping position helps to relieve stress on the spine and makes you feel rejuvenated and well-rested. On the other hand, an inconvenient sleeping position may lead to back pain or neck pain.

Let's have a look at the best sleeping positions for a fully-recharged good morning.

1. Fetal Position

The sleeping position that is like a fetus in the womb. It means sleeping on either side of the body with knees bent up to the chest. It is the most popular sleeping position among women. According to the BSC survey, almost 47% of people prefer this position. It is the best way to sleep for a person with lower back pain and during pregnancy. Also, it helps to reduce snoring. It has a few downsides if you sleep in a tight or stiff fetal position. It might become difficult to take a deep breath while snoozing. Avoid sleeping in this position if you are suffering from joint pains.  

If you want to sleep comfortably in the fetal position, make sure your posture is loose and relaxed when you curl up your body. You can try keeping a pillow between your knees. It enables you to better align your hips to avoid low back pain. During pregnancy, it is more helpful for comfortable and deep sleep. Keeping your bedding clean is also important. Buy long-lasting pillow covers which bring 5-star hotel quality to your home. They have breathable material and are highly absorbent in nature.

2. On Your Side


It is similar to a fetal position, just your legs are not pulled up towards your body. Sleep scientists call it the lateral sleeping position. It is beneficial in reducing snoring and heartburn. Also, it helps in stimulating brain health. Sleeping on your left side might be beneficial if you are not a heart patient. It can be useful for boosting regular bowel movements. It is advisable to sleep on the right side if you face any heart issues. Though you should not sleep on the either side whole night. Change it randomly otherwise it may cause stiffness in your shoulders. Also, it can lead to jaw tightness on that side. This posture can cause facial wrinkles if you follow this sleeping position for a long time. The skin on your face can expand over time. So, it is advisable to change the sleeping positions over time.

  • Yearner Position

As per the BSC survey, almost 13% of people prefer this sleeping position. It is sleeping on either side with arms outstretched in front of the body. It can be good if you have breathing problems when you snooze, but bad if you suffer from arthritis.

3. Sleeping On Your Back

This sleeping position comes with many benefits. It helps your spine to stay straight and relieves hip and knee pain. It is one of the best positions to sleep in as it keeps your body in an even alignment with your -spine. That helps to reduce the excessive pressure on your back or joints. A pillow below your knees can help support the natural spinal curve. This sleeping position also protects your face from getting wrinkles early. Despite these positives, sleeping on your back can be difficult for those having sleep apnea and snoring habit. It might be difficult for a person with back pain, so make sure you are supported properly with a pillow to enjoy a restful sleep. Ensure maximum comfort with luxurious Cotton Pillow Cases.

  • Starfish Position

One extensive study discovered that people who were sleeping on their backs with hands up near their chest or head in the starfish position had less shoulder pain. 

  • Soldier Position

A later study said that people who slept in the soldier position on their back with their arms at their sides activated their shoulder muscles less, so they had less shoulder pain.

4. On Your Stomach

Sleeping on your stomach has limited benefits. Still, 17 percent of people prefer sleeping on stomachs with arms beneath the pillow, or bound around it, head to one side. It's a good position for people having sleep apnea or snoring habits. But it can cause neck and back pain as your muscles are not in a neutral position. Placing a pillow under your lower belly or below your head can help your body to stay in a bit more comfortable position.

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The pros and cons of various sleeping positions are in front of you now. Select your sleeping position wisely. Bedding is also one of the important aspects contributing to the night's restful sleep. Choose the option suitable to you from a wide range of bedding options available at Pizuna Linen.


Disclaimer: The above information is referred from health-related authorised websites.