Why moisture wicking sheets are perfect winter bedding?

Why moisture wicking sheets are perfect winter bedding?

Being draped in a snug puffer jacket, snow boot, and glove keeps you cozy while you are out during the day. But once back home, the bliss of being comfortable and warm during a cold wintry night is unmatched. Post dinner you cannot wait to snuggle up with your lovely winter bed sheets and weave happy dreams. You need to stay warm and dry during the winter to experience a goodnight’s sleep. A bedsheet made of moisture-wicking fabric is the best for winter as it soaks sweat from your skin to the surface and lets it dry quickly keeping you warm. This leads to efficient temperature regulation as you stay warm and dry even if you perspire a lot. We are sure you have questions regarding moisture-wicking fabric and its properties, don’t worry we will answer them all.


Do moisture-wicking and moisture-absorption sheets mean the same?

The way both the fabrics work is different, moisture absorbing fabrics soak sweat from your skin and retain it in the fabric. Whereas, moisture wicking materials pull the perspiration away from your body and let it evaporate quickly through the surface. Therefore, moisture wicking bedsheets are also called quick drying and rapid dry sheets. Each of these fabrics absorbs water but moisture wicking material dries quickly while moisture absorbent fabric retains moisture for a long time. Cotton is great for moisture absorption as it is hydrophilic which means it can hold approximately 25 times of weight in water. Although, cotton fabrics can be treated in a certain way to imitate sweat wicking properties.

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What is moisture wicking fabric made of?

Most of the moisture wicking fabrics are made from synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, and, spandex as they are hydrophobic; meaning resistant to water penetration. However, because of low hypoallergenic value, these materials are often mixed with natural fibers like cotton, bamboo, and, wool. These blended bedsheets offer comfort and warmth on icy nights but might cause trouble to people with skin sensitives. Bedsheets made from artificially sourced material like polyester or microfibre can trap a lot of heat which will cause difficulty for hot sleepers (the people troubled with night sweats).



What are the benefits of moisture wicking bedsheets?

  • Regulates Temperature: Your body temperature drops by 1 to 2 degrees from daytime as it prepares for sleep. It adjusts subconsciously to the right temperature required at each stage of sleep. Even when you sweat while sleeping, moisture wicking bedsheets keep you dry all night long. This allows your body to function optimally when it undergoes temperature changes during different stages of sleep.
  • Hygienic: Bacteria prefer warm, moist environments, which makes bedsheets the perfect place for them. In contrast, moisture-wicking fabrics have the opportunity to dry out, which means the home bacteria love so much simply does not exist. Due to this, the germs and mites build up with sweat wicking sheets is low allowing you to sleep in a hygienic environment all week long. Yet, you have to wash your bedsheets frequently to prevent the excessive growth of allergies and disease-causing microbes.
  • Odor-Free Nights: Every night our body leaves behind sweat, dead skin cells, and body oils. These discharges cause your bedsheets to stink. More than anything sweat is the biggest contributing factor for bad odor. The moisture-wicking fabric eliminates that problem by keeping you dry throughout the night. Also, if you sweat a lot, the fabric pulls the perspiration to the surface and evaporates it quickly ensuring an odor-free night.
  • Effortless Wash Care: Its inherent nature makes moisture-wicking fabric durable, washable, and adaptable. The material is easy to dry, it does not stain easily, it won't shrink, and because it is so durable, it is unlikely to snag, tear like other bedsheets. This type of material does not require special washing instructions; you can wash and dry it without risking damage. Moisture-wicking materials are stain release that requires less water and detergent when washing. Keep fabric softeners away from the fabric to preserve its efficiency.
  • Comfort: Obviously, moisture-wicking fabrics keep you dry when you sweat. If you experience hot flashes or cold sweat during the night, sweat wicking fabric will pull perspiration away from your skin instead of clinging to you for a comfortable experience. The material is lightweight, so it will wick moisture from your skin and let it breathe when the temperature rises and you start to sweat. As a result, you will remain comfortable and warm in your bedsheets despite the cold weather.

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These are some top benefits of sweat wicking bedsheets during the winter season which make it the best choice for the season. However, there are several factors apart from bedsheets that are important for a goodnight’s sleep. If you don’t sweat a lot, the moisture wicking bedsheets are of little use to you. Also, people with skin sensitivities might want to stay away from them because of their hypoallergic nature. Furthermore, you want sheets that are your go-to bedding for all year round and not just winter. So, what are the sheets that you can use for different seasons and enjoy the same comfort?


Cotton bedsheets are always the best option because of their following qualities.

  • Breathable – Cotton sheets are crafted from natural fibers and have excellent breathability to keep you dry.
  • Soft - Cotton bed sheets are gentle and smooth and get softer with every wash.
  • Hypoallergenic - Sheets made from cotton are organic and good for the skin.
  • Durable - Cotton sheets fray and pill very less if taken care of properly
  • Sustainable - Cotton sheets are renewable and biodegradable with a low-ecological impact.

Apart from the benefits of cotton, the thread count it is weaved in matters too. For example, sheets made of 400 thread count are lightweight and highly-breathable. Whereas, the 600 thread count bedsheets are smooth and gentle on the skin. The 800 thread count sheets are luxurious, heavy, and keep you warm. Similarly, the 1000 thread count offer a cozy and lavish feel of sleeping in 5star luxury hotel with its soft and thick craftsmanship.

You can buy the best 100% long staple cotton bedsheets for winter made from sateen weave and single ply yarns here.

Finding the perfect warm sheets for winter is not an easy task, but once you are well aware of your optimal temperature for sleeping, you can easily choose the best bedsheets. Some people are hot sleepers while some feel cold while sleeping. Regardless of the climate, you can go for the bedsheets that you feel the most comfortable sleeping in.